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Medicare and Insulin

Discover How Medicare Makes Insulin Affordable with More Plans More Choices

Finding the right Medicare plan that covers your insulin needs at an affordable cost doesn’t have to be a challenge. I’m Jack McGlynn from More Plans More Choices, and I specialize in helping individuals like you explore and understand the benefits Medicare offers for managing diabetes, especially when it comes to insulin coverage. With the recent changes, Medicare has made insulin more accessible and affordable than ever before, and I’m here to guide you through these updates.

Medicare Part D and Insulin Costs: A Closer Look

  • $35 Cap on Insulin: Medicare has introduced a significant change ensuring that no one pays more than $35 for a one-month supply of each Part D-covered insulin. This applies regardless of the deductible phase, offering consistent savings throughout the year.
  • No Deductible Worries: The best part? This $35 cap is available without having to meet any deductible first, making your insulin costs predictable and manageable from the get-go.
  • Extended Supply, Extended Savings: Opting for a 3-month supply? Your total cost won’t exceed $105, maintaining the $35 per month affordability.

Medicare Part B: Expanding Coverage Beyond Part D

Medicare doesn’t stop at Part D when it comes to supporting your insulin needs. If your insulin is administered through a pump, Part B steps in, offering similar cost-saving measures:

  • Equal Cost Cap: Just like with Part D, you’ll enjoy the same $35 cap for your insulin under Part B, ensuring your costs are manageable regardless of how your insulin is delivered.
  • Deductible Exemptions: Say goodbye to Part B deductibles on your insulin supplies, further reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Let’s Make Your Insulin Affordable Together

Understanding and navigating Medicare’s benefits for insulin can significantly reduce your diabetes management costs. With More Plans More Choices, I’m here to provide personalized assistance, helping you find the plan that best fits your needs while ensuring you take full advantage of these new cost-saving measures. Whether you’re enrolling for the first time or looking to adjust your current plan to better suit your insulin requirements, I’m here every step of the way.

Let’s explore how Medicare can make a difference together.

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