Scope of Appointment

Scope Of Appointment
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The Medicare Scope of Appointment (SOA) is a document that is designed to protect the interests of Medicare beneficiaries by ensuring that they fully understand the scope of services that will be provided to them by a Medicare agent or broker.

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The Scope of Appointment is a form that beneficiaries must complete before meeting with a Medicare agent or broker. The form lists the specific topics or areas that the agent or broker can discuss during the appointment. By signing the form, the beneficiary gives explicit permission to the agent or broker to discuss only the topics listed on the form.

The purpose of the Scope of Appointment is to prevent agents and brokers from selling Medicare plans or services that are not in the best interest of the beneficiary or that the beneficiary does not need. It also helps to ensure that beneficiaries have a clear understanding of the products and services they are considering, and it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice before making any decisions.

It is important to note that the Scope of Appointment form does not obligate the beneficiary to purchase any particular plan or service. It simply ensures that the beneficiary is informed about the options available to them and has the opportunity to make an informed decision.