It is my intention to abide by Medicare rules:

What I will not do:

  • Ask for your personal information over the phone. I often need your Medicare number to search for eligibility information, however, your personal information is not necessary to give a quote. Examples of what are NOT needed are:
    • Social Security Number
    • Bank account
    • Credit card numbers
  • I will not come to your home uninvited.
  • I do not call you unless you’re already a member of a plan, or, I was forwarded your information from a carrier, or other agency, as someone interested in plan information.
  • I will not offer you cash to join a plan or give you free meals during a sales pitch for a Medicare health or drug plan.
    • OK, I can meet you at Dunkin’ (Donuts) and spring for your coffee and a donut.
  • I never ask for payment related to a Medicare Advantage, Supplement, or Drug plan.
  • I will not present a Medicare Supplement Plan as an Advantage Plan.
    • I will not present an Advantage Plan as a Supplement Plan.
    • By the way, you cannot have both at the same time.
  • I will not sell you a non-health related product, examples:
    • An annuity or life insurance policy.
  • I can not enroll you into a plan during an educational event.
  • I will not use confusing words or images, or misleading Medicare logos.
    • I do own the domain name: “”. I’m working on it to see if I can use that domain name. It is not my intention to present the website as an official government website. Guess what, it’s not. It’s my site intended to promote my business.
  • I will not pressure you to enroll into a plan.

Note: Independent agents must be licensed by the state, and the plan must tell the state which agents are selling their plans.