Opioid Epidemic

Medicare’s Role in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

The Journal for Infectious Diseases highlights the dire reality of the opioid epidemic, describing it as a significant public health crisis affecting various regions and demographics across the United States. It is a problem that society cannot afford to overlook. Fortunately, Medicare is addressing the crisis by providing coverage for opioid treatment.

Medicare encompasses a comprehensive approach to assisting individuals grappling with opioid use issues, known as “Opioid Disorder Treatment Services.” Under Medicare Part B, individuals can access coverage for opioid use disorder treatment services offered through opioid treatment programs.

Medicare’s coverage extends to a range of critical services, including counseling, therapy, and regular assessments. These services can be administered in-person or, in specific cases, virtually, allowing for flexibility in accessing treatment. Furthermore, Medicare includes services provided through mobile units of opioid treatment programs in its coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans also have an obligation to cover opioid treatment program services. To benefit from this coverage, individuals enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans should ensure that the treatment program they choose participates with their specific plan and is Medicare-enrolled.

Medicare Advantage Plans may impose copayments for treatment program services. Therefore, always verify your plan’s copayment requirements to understand any potential out-of-pocket costs.

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