End of OEP

End of OEP.  Medicare Advantage Special Election Periods

As the month of March closed, so did the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP).  I describe OEP as Medicare’s answer to “Buyers Remorse”.  If you enrolled in an Advantage Plan in the previous year, and you feel that you made a mistake, you have the opportunity to change plans or get out altogether.  OEP runs from January through March each year.  I suppose that you should know by the end of March if you are happy with your plan.

For most people, the opportunity to change plans will come up again in October when the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) begins.  However, for some people, there are still opportunities to enroll of change their plan.  Medicare calls this time frame, the Special Enrollment Period or SEP.  There are several types of SEP including:

  1. Chronic conditions.  Chronic Special Needs Plans or CSNP’s will vary by need and location so you may need help finding out if you qualify. That is a subtle hint that you should call me for more information.  The most common CSNP’s that I have worked with deal with Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and Cardiovascular issues.
  2. “5 Star” Plans.  Advantage Plans age given a Star Plan Rating from 1 to 5 Stars.  5 Star plans are rare. If there is one in your area, you can switch to it throughout the year.  Having said that, I now feel the need to blog on the 5 Star system itself.  I’ll get that done asap, look out for it.
  3. Moving out of your current Advantage Plan area.  If you move, you will most likely need a new plan.
  4. New to Medicare.  Turning 65?  You automatically qualify for a SEP.

Bottom line is this, you need a good agent to help you through the Medicare Advantage maze.  Remember that Medicare Advantage Plans do not have to be confusing.

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