Things Medicare Won’t Cover

Four Things Original Medicare Doesn’t Cover but Medicare Advantage Plans Do.

  1. Opticians and Eye Exams

    Original Medicare will cover ophthalmologic expenses such as cataract surgery.  Original Medicare and MediGap policies do not cover routine eye exams, glasses or contact lenses.

    Many Medicare Advantage plans do cover routine vision care and glasses.
  2. Hearing Aids

    Medicare covers ear-related medical conditions, but original Medicare and MediGap plans don’t pay for routine hearing tests or hearing aids.

    Many Medicare Advantage plans have a $0 cost for yearly hearing exams and some type of co-payment for Hearing Aids.
  3. Dental Work

    Original Medicare and MediGap policies do not cover dental care such as routine checkups or big-ticket items, including dentures and root canals.

    Many Medicare Advantage plans offer dental coverage including $0 cost for dental checkups and some money towards comprehensive dental care.
  4. Foreign Travel Care

    Original Medicare offers virtually no coverage for medical costs incurred outside the U.S. 

    Some MediGap plans cover certain overseas medical costs. Starting in 2021, many Medicare Advantage plans offer out of country $0 emergency room coverage. 

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